Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Thoroughly Good Blue - the ebook is live

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(It makes a lovely e-gift, too.)
(Also, when the contributors are famous, you can be all kinds of cool by saying, "Yeah, I read them before they were big.")

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I posted about A Thoroughly Good Blue back in February, when this anthology was easing into the second trimester. The rush of conception was well behind us, and the basic building blocks were laid, but most of the development was still to happen.

Today, the fifteen authors whose poetry and short stories are included in this volume welcome the ebook into the world, and we thank everyone who supports up-and-coming writers the world over. You make it possible for folks like us to dream about feeding ourselves by doing what we love.

The ebook is available on Amazon through both the US and the UK sites for a steal of a price. (Proceeds benefit the School of English at Trinity College Dublin, by which I mean they get paid back for funding this project in the first place.) We're simply excited to get our writing into the wider world. It's one thing to have your friends and peers read a story; it's another entirely to know that complete strangers have (legal) access to it.

My inclusion is a story called "In the Haus of Broken Toys," which one advance reader called "impressively creepy" and which has convinced my number one reader that I ought to do Gothic. Look out, Poe!

The limited print version will follow its sibling in mid-May. I don't think hard copies will be available on Amazon, but if you're really really dying for one, get in touch with me and we'll see what we can work out.

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