Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Thoroughly Good Blue

The short version is: I'm part of a group of writers putting out an anthology of our writing this spring. It's called A Thoroughly Good Blue, it's going to be an excellent collection of writing, and it features a story by yours truly!

The longer version is: Stay tuned for how to get your eyes on A Thoroughly Good Blue, and you can read "In the Haus of Broken Toys," along with fifteen other short stories, poetry collections, and novel excerpts.

The book will be available in a limited print run, as well as an e-book for those of you who prefer gadgety reading.

The anthology has a Wordpress blog site (, a Facebook page (, a Twitter account (@A_Good_Blue), and hopefully some upcoming podcasts, videos, and the like.

We're excited, and we appreciate the support of everyone who reads up-and-coming writers anywhere in the world!

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